On July 24th, Yuexiu Financial Holdings cooperated with "Beauty of Flaws" Art Festival For Special Children to conduct a public benifit painting acticity named “Innocence and Naivety of Children, Painting of Beautiful Guangzhou”. Yuexiu Financial Holdings recruited more than ten volunteers from the head office, Guangzhou Securities, Guangzhou Housing & Property Guarantee, Yuexiu City Construction JLL Property Management, Xingye Real Estateand other subsidiaries. During this day, volunteers accompanied special young artists (autistic children) from “Beauty of Flaws” to visit IFC and Tianhe CBD Digital Exhibition Hall and drew pictures from their visit together. Interacted proactively with each other, volunteers and the special artists created warm and touching stories. While integrating into the world of these children and spending happy moments together, the volunteers enhanced their sense of social responsibility.

Lu Ying, mother of autistic child and vice chairman of Guangzhou Yang Ai Special Children Parent Club, shared her stories with autistic child. She called for everyone to treat these children with more understanding, tolerance and less discrimination; and treat their parents with more smile, support and less reproach. Love and acceptance are best gifts for these children to grow healthily.

After the sharing session, the volunteers and special artists visited Tianhe CBD Digital Exhibition Hall on the 9th floor of IFC. Through virtual experience, scaled model and videos, special artists learned more about the layout of Tianhe CBD and the promising future of its business development.

At noon, the volunteers visited the studio of the special artists and had meals together, which facilitated communication among them. After the instruction of an art teacher, special artists began to draw pictures. As every special child has his or her own way to get along with others, it is delighted to see that all volunteers respected their own ways and gradually integrated into their world. Some of the volunteers helped the children to color their paintings, some inspired them to paint, and others encouraged them and praised them now and then. In the end, we were all amazed by the paintings of these children. The lively lines and bright colors reveal their love and passion of painting. In their paintings, Tianhe CBD becomes interesting and lovely, which shows their positive attitude towards life.

“Will you come tomorrow?” the children asked the volunteers expectantly at the end of this activity. Perhaps autistic children listen, see or feel differently from us, they may feel stressed or terrified because of some sound and lights, or they may refuse to be hugged and touched. However, they can observe some tiny but beautiful moments missed by ordinary people and enjoy them. The road of loving care is endless, Yuexiu Financial Holdings will continue to devote itself to such cause. We believe that as long as everyone learn to share with autistic children, approach them to learn their interests and ways of communication, accompany them and be patient and tolerant of them, they can shine like ordinary people.