On the morning of October 13, 2017, Li Haiying, vicegeneral manager of Lianyungang Financial Holdings Group Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “Lianyungang Financial Holdings”), and herdelegationvisited Yuexiu Financial Holdings. The two parties conducted a cordial and thorough communication on the construction of financial holdings platform, the construction of risk management systemandthe operation of subsidiaries. Su Liangyu, vicegeneral manager of Yuexiu Financial Holdings,extendedhismost heartfelt welcome to vicegeneral manager Li Haiying and her delegationof Lianyungang Financial Holdings. In the meeting, Su introduced the courses of development and business operationsof YuexiuFinancial Holdings. Then, Li Haiying presentedgeneral informationof Lianyungang Financial Holdings,and spoke speakhighlyofthe achievements of Yuexiu Financial Holdings.Moreover, Li expressed that the business cooperation between both parties were endowed withpromising futureand looked forward to achieving substantial business cooperation with Yuexiu Financial Holdings as soon as possible. After the meeting, Su Liangyu, vicegeneral manager of Yuexiu Financial Holdings, signed the strategic cooperation frameworkagreement with Li Haiying of Lianyungang Financial Holdings, which started thestrategic cooperation relationshipbetween both parties.

Lianyungang Financial Holdings Group Co., Ltd.was established in August 2015, with registered capital of RMB4.26 billion and total assetsofRMB11.2 billion. Currently, Lianyungang Financial Holdingshas a broad scope of businesses, including investment banking, equity and venture capital investment, management and operation of financial assets, financing leasing, commercial factoring, petty loans, Internet finance, pawn auction, equity transaction and services of finance, property and security, etc. Lianyungang Financial Holdings is the onlymunicipal stated-owned enterprisewith finance as core businessin Lianyungang.