On December 7, 2017, the financial round table of 2017 Fortune Global Forum was held in Guangzhou. Industry experts, including Zhang Zhaoxing, President of Yuexiu Group, Kilian Berz, Senior Partner and Managing Director of Boston Consulting Group, Noel Quinn, CEO of HSBC Global Commercial Banking, Ren Huichuan, General Manager of China Ping An Group, and Jing Ulrich, Managing Director and of Asia Pacific Vice Chairman of JPMorgan Chase, discussed the topic "Future of Global Finance". Market changes brought by financial innovation and financial technology and how the global financial system evolved in the new environment were discussed at the  financial round table.

Zhang Zhaoxing, President, Yuexiu Group mentioned in his speech that the future of finance would regard serving the real economy as the fundamental purpose, be centered on customers, based on data, and driven by technology for the collaboration development of industries and finance. The industry-finance integration was a general trend of financial technology and innovation and the main direction of the new global financial ecology in the future.

Yuexiu Group entered the financial field from the perspective of industry and determined the strategic direction of "innovation-driven development and industry-finance integration". It was not only an experimenter of the industry-finance integration reform but also a main force in the development of Guangzhou regional financial center: over five years, it created and expanded the financial industry by building two domestic and overseas financial holding platforms and two listed domestic and overseas financial holding platforms, and formed an international financial holding industry development pattern with "banking and securities as the core" and featuring "national expansion and cross-border operation". Specifically, Yuexiu Group successfully acquired Hong Kong Chong Hing Bank in 2014, which was the first acquisition of an overseas bank by a local state-owned enterprise in China. Yuexiu Financial Holdings at home was reorganized and went listing in 2016, becoming the first listed local financial holding platform in China.

It was reported that Yuexiu Group formed its own characteristic model in terms of industry-finance integration. Yuexiu Group owned the world's first real estate investment trust fund that invested in domestic properties and was listed in Hong Kong. Therefore, a unique advantage of "real estate plus property trust" and a differentiated business model of "development + operation + finance" were formed. Meanwhile, Yuexiu Group created a new model of real estate finance by setting up the Guangzhou Development Alliance, Guangzhou Urban Renewal Fund and other new industry-finance integration and sharing platforms in concert with the Guangzhou State-owned Assets and State-owned Enterprises Innovation Alliance; was actively promoting the pilot program for the establishment of domestic publicly offered real estate investment trust funds, and achieved the functional integration of office leasing and financial services. By the foregoing actions, Yuexiu Group not only realized the close integration and mutual penetration of industrial capital and financial capital at the company level, but also promoted the coordination and integration of a wider range of urban industrial clusters and financial operation ideas and operational processes.

Participants also shared their views on the future financial development from their own perspectives and business development experience. The Financial Round Table helped clarify the opportunities and challenges of new finance in the new era and identified the next development direction for the global financial industry; furthermore, it would inevitably give a possitive message for creating a new pattern in Guangzhou's financial industry and promoting the development of Guangzhou's emerging industries.